20. elokuuta 2011

Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real. + Super cute giveaway!

Shelbycloud/ Gingerbreadgirl
You sounds so sweet, you look always amaizing and inspire me so much! I love your videos and i would like to meet you someday for real! <3

And CandyParade have a super cute giveaway, please visit it! ^^

Have a sweet day!
~ Sweeth

6 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, your new header is SO cute! :3

  2. Frankie : Thank you! ^^ It´s actually a ap one but i edited it a little and i been planing to do of this print header but ap was first :''D

  3. Flau: It´s too cute, so ofcourse i had to! ^^<3

  4. Milloin arvot giveawayn voittajan?

  5. Sinuski: Hei, minähän olen jo arvonut voittajan? :''D