30. marraskuuta 2011

Lolita winter fashion 2011

Nyt kun talvi jo tekee tuloaan ( lunta odotellessa etelä-suomeen ) päätin postata asusteita ja vaatteita mitä jokaisen lolitan pitäisi omistaa talvella!
Now it´s already winter and I decided to post of what clothes and acessories should every lolita have at winter!

1. Karva Saappaat/Fur Boots
 The fisrt are from ap and the second from yesstyle, but baby the stars shine bright have ones too and the normal stores and online stores offer you a really cute boots too! The shorter one are more ''in'' this year.

2. Lyhyet takit/Short coats
The first one is from Angelic Pretty and the second one is from gina tricot ( It can be worn with the dresses because it so so short ).

3. Karvaa karvaa ja vielä kerran karvaa!/Furr furr and last time furr!

The firs is from baby the stars shinge bright and innocent world, the second is taken from caramea blog . As you can see I have posted a lot of pictures where is fur. It isn´t only the collars , it is everywhere. On coats, shoes, hats. But be careful to go over the top with it...

4. Classier lolita
The firs is shelbycloud, the second is herajika and the third one is caramea. No I don´t mean that classic lolita is in style, but I mean that classier. As you can see there tree lovely lady have done. Sweet dresses with classical peaces. Love this.

5.  Vintage vaatteet,asusteet /Vintage clothes,assecories

Recycle, recycle good people. This have been really popular but now it´s even more! Do not be shamed that you found your perfect blouse from flea market for couple euros, It is fabulous found to us! And cause our dresses costs so much it is even better if you will find perfect acessories for cheap!

This post is also at my and Ayane blog: Live like a princess

~ Sweeth

29. marraskuuta 2011

Waiting for christmas

Hellou darlings! 
Are you in christmas mood already? I am! I am so excited to decorate my room and christmas tree and have to buy christmas calender too! *-* And this year I am so excided that I actually would like to trade some christmas cards with my lovely readers! So just send me message with adress to my e-mail: Sweeth@hotmail.fi  ,
and I will contact you and send you a christmas card! ^^ I am so sad that in Finland we don´t have any snow yet ;;__;; But here is some christmas photos so those who aren´t in christmas mood yet would get some inspiration! I wish this yer I could find white christmas tree but my mum isn´t so ecxited about idea..8<

~ Sweeth
Kisses to you <3

19. marraskuuta 2011

My birthday

Tänään on syntymäpäiväni, joten onnea minulle :D Täytin 15, ja pitihän asiaa jotenkin juhlistaa. Perjantaina vietin kavereiden kanssa yliyön synttärit ja nyt lauantaina vietin sitten päivän äidin kanssa. Lahjani näytän teille vaikkapa ensiviikolla kunhan olen päättänyt mitä haluan äidiltäni lahjaksi, ( en saa pyytää lolia ). Ilman pitkiä puheita tässä kuvia molemmista päivistä.

So today is my birthday. I am 15 now, so ofcourse I had to selebrate is somehow. On friday I had a overnight birthdayparty with my friends and today I was with my mother. I will show you my presents on next week, I am not sure yet what I want from my mother. Well here is pictures.

My outfit for the movie and friday night


And today. We went to eat kebab XD  But it was yummy *-* <3

But thats all! Have a good day! ^^
And special : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AIRI-SAN/ SALLI!! <3 *-*<33

12. marraskuuta 2011

My dreamdress and pictures

Minun yksi unelmamekoistani saapui keskiviikkona, joten päätin jakaa sen teidän kanssanne.
Myös blogini on kokenut muutoksia, pidättekö vai ettekö?
One of my dreamdresses arrived on wendsday, so I decided to share it with you.  
Also my blog outfit has changed what do you think hot or not?

Sugary Carnival<3 I wanted this in sax, but bought then in pink, I might trade it in sax one but I have to think about it

Ja joitakin kuvia naamastani, ja niin uudesta tukastani jonka tosiaan värjäsin siinä syyslomalla ruskeaksi vihdoin, niinkuin lupailin.
And some pictures of my face, and of my new hair which I finally dyed in brown as I promised.

Thank you for watching,
With love sweeth

7. marraskuuta 2011

Creme de la Garderobe

Kuten otsikosta huomaattekin minäkin päätin postata creme de la garderobe myyjäisistä. Tuli ostettua sieltä laukku, wristcuffit sekä kolikkopussi. Eli jotain mitä tarvitsin ( paitsi kolikkopussi ). Mutta tälläistä oli päälläni:

I were in the finnish lolita sales. I bought bag, wristcuffs and coinchain. But here is the outfit from that day:

Dress, socks : Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Anna house
Everything else is offbrand

I am really unpleased with this outfit but I wanted to share it still with you.

And the reason why I won´t fit soon into lolita dresses XD

Pictures of the cafe where it was. In the last picture Aimee and plan_t  :)

Have a sweet day!
~ Sweeth