30. marraskuuta 2011

Lolita winter fashion 2011

Nyt kun talvi jo tekee tuloaan ( lunta odotellessa etelä-suomeen ) päätin postata asusteita ja vaatteita mitä jokaisen lolitan pitäisi omistaa talvella!
Now it´s already winter and I decided to post of what clothes and acessories should every lolita have at winter!

1. Karva Saappaat/Fur Boots
 The fisrt are from ap and the second from yesstyle, but baby the stars shine bright have ones too and the normal stores and online stores offer you a really cute boots too! The shorter one are more ''in'' this year.

2. Lyhyet takit/Short coats
The first one is from Angelic Pretty and the second one is from gina tricot ( It can be worn with the dresses because it so so short ).

3. Karvaa karvaa ja vielä kerran karvaa!/Furr furr and last time furr!

The firs is from baby the stars shinge bright and innocent world, the second is taken from caramea blog . As you can see I have posted a lot of pictures where is fur. It isn´t only the collars , it is everywhere. On coats, shoes, hats. But be careful to go over the top with it...

4. Classier lolita
The firs is shelbycloud, the second is herajika and the third one is caramea. No I don´t mean that classic lolita is in style, but I mean that classier. As you can see there tree lovely lady have done. Sweet dresses with classical peaces. Love this.

5.  Vintage vaatteet,asusteet /Vintage clothes,assecories

Recycle, recycle good people. This have been really popular but now it´s even more! Do not be shamed that you found your perfect blouse from flea market for couple euros, It is fabulous found to us! And cause our dresses costs so much it is even better if you will find perfect acessories for cheap!

This post is also at my and Ayane blog: Live like a princess

~ Sweeth

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